Methodology of MK Schools

Lütfen Türkçe için TıklayınLütfen Türkçe için Tıklayın


MK SCHOOLS is an institution that specializes in “Preschool Education” and has its own educational methodology.

Our education model supports individual differences; in practice, it allows children to learn by having fun, experimenting and discovering.

Children; They are individuals who show their own characteristics in the fields of learning, development and socializing.

Our greatest strength is to recognize the personal characteristics of our children, to give the child the opportunity to be himself with an individual approach within the group, and to ensure that our children reach the "UTMOST" of their own capabilities without competing with each other.

Proceeding on this path, to raise individuals who are happy, healthy, sensitive and able to exist with their individual characteristics.

The program of each age group has been meticulously prepared considering the characteristics of its age group.

The purpose of our MK Schools Education Program; is to raise "World Individuals" who have high academic success, who can speak English as their mother tongue, are happy and can be themselves.

Transparency and mutual trust between family and school is an indispensable phenomenon for our institution.

“Open Class Practices” in which our parents also participate is the most important indicator of this phenomenon.

During the year; our schools plan activities that provide systematic participation and holistic unity.  The “Child - Family - School” triangle is kept dynamic.

A curious learning environment has been provided, and each classroom has learning corners that support different skills of children.

Children in these corners; They play in the company of their teachers with educational materials that support their mental, physical and academic development and are prepared to increase their self-confidence.

Our training staff consists of qualified and well-equipped teachers. They are constantly trained in addition to their initial methodology and corporate cultural training.

MK Schools, which aims to raise world individuals, also attaches great importance to foreign language education at an early age.

English education in our schools is given using the "Mortimer English Club" methodology a world brand with 20 years of international experience.

With this methodology, our children are provided with “English Socialization” in an English based social environment.

With our foreign language education provided with fun games and activities, children love English from an early age.

During our activities in our schools, three-dimensional visual materials are used to support the language and academic development of our children.

These handicraft training materials, which we call “Prop”, are specially designed by our Turkish and foreign teachers in accordance with our methodology.

MK Schools provides a very special and up-to-date “ Pre-School Education” for our children, with both ; its own "Pre-School" Turkish Methodology and International "Mortimer English Club" English Methodology.